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Hello, I have a strange problem. I have configured IPSec on GRE tunnels on my network. I have 2 kinds of platforms, CISCO2811 and CISCO 3825/3725. The problem is that if I activate the tunnel protection on a GRE link that has a CISCO2811 on any side ...

I would like to ask if anyone can help with the project that I’m currently working on for my Network Security class. The project consist of giving recommendations and visual images of the IPSec protocol in detail that includes tunneling, architecture...

Techy2015 by Level 1
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Guys, I need some help to see why my Anyconnect clients is unable to connect to 1 particular inside network, I would like to know what to look at first. I ran out of ideas and would like to know where should I start with resolving this. How should I ...

trying to connect to our vpn using anyconnect on vista, client 3.1.05152 and it says "please enter your username and password" but the dialog box does not show. it's very strange but when i connect an external monitor (it's a laptop by the way), the ...

robertb99 by Level 1
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We have a strange issue using Anyconnect client ver3.1.08009 on Windows 7 to sslvpn to IOS router where after 2 months of no issue, it has started to constantly suffer from what seems like false captive portal detection. This appears to be irrespecti...

M OC by Level 1
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Hi,I've just setup a DMVPN solution with Hub and Spoke topology. I'm using 2911 SEC as the spoke routers and 2951 HSEC and the Hub. I've been doing some load testing where I transfer a 800Mb file across the DMVPN and have noticed the CPU maxes out du...