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The spec sheet does not say a lot about the bridge forwarding table. Could someone tell me the number of MAC addresses that the forwarding table can hold. Also are there SNMP OIDs for controlling how quickly entries in the forwarding table will time ...

mr.vicccc by Level 1
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Buenas tardes a  todos, Espero puedan colaborarme, tengo el siguiente inconveniente con conexión remota por medio del  software VPN Client, donde  dicho software está instalado y configurado de la misma manera, es decir, mismos datos,  grupo, usuario...

I need to setup a L2L IPSEC tunnel between 2 ASA firewalls. The communication will be bi-directional. The encrypted traffic will consist of a single host in a DMZ communicating with a single remote host. Let's assume host A at site A is a...

mjsully by Level 1
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Hola tengo un problema que me gustaría solucionar:Tengo instalado un router EPC3825 y quiero crear una VPN entre este y otro rv110w, el problema es que entre uno y otro hay un router de telefónica necesario para la configuración de red.Mi pregunta es...

Hi there... When updating my ASA from 8.4.(7)3 to 8.4(7)26 I got problems with VPNs from FRITZ!Boxes to ASA.It worked fine for many months but with (7)26 the ASA refuses the connection attempts:"...Aborting Connection: IKEv1 RA client which did not r...

I have a ASA5505 with a Security Plus license.  I setup a clientless VPN to allow connections from remote users.  I followed the wizard for the setup and everything seemed fine.  When I test the connection; I do get the SSL VPNB Service login screen....

nsalaam01 by Level 1
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Both ASA5505 using version 9.2.3, i have tried ikev1 and ikev2, this was working before, but i'm not sure what is wrong now..I can get tunnel up from dynamic end ASA (default behaviour), i mean i have to ping from asa (DynASA(config)# ping inside 172...

Our organization is in the process of upgrading the hardware we use for establishing a VPN connection with our partner. The old hardware is a Cisco 2811(OldCore) router and the new one is a Cisco 4431(NewCore).The partner uses a Sonicwall device at t...

Anyone has a solution for this. I can create point 2 point gre tunnel between two location and i can ping the tunnel interface but if create dmvpn i can not ping the tunnel internface on either sides. i would appreciate any suggestions  thanks HUB ro...

sediq2000 by Level 1
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I'm stuck in MM_KEY_EXCH state and the ipsec is not established.Please have a look of the following debug data.  CIDACTA-MAS2(config)# cry isak enable   CIDACTA-MAS2(config)#****** --- SHUTDOWN in 0:05:00 ---****Jun 26 13:14:50.997: %CRYPTO-6-ISAKMP_...

Hi AllI am reviewing document, and I notice a command --- nat (any,any) in ASA 8.4  Usually people use inside or outside as interface, but I have not seen any,any as interface. I checked several ASA, and there are no any interface there. ...

wfqk by Level 5
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