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SSL VPN // Anyconnect // Cisco 881(-W)

Hello everyone,we have a problem to set up a SSL VPN Gateway with a Cisco 881 Router.After connecting via SSL to the gateway address, a blank page is displayed Config-File: http://pastebin.com/ujsUZG9HIOS-Version: 15.1 UniversalK9 Can anybody help us...

Cisco IOS Remote Access VPN matching the username from the Digital Certificate - is it possible?

Hi there!I have been trying to configure remote access VPN using digital certificates for authentication on some routers using IOS. What I want to do is authenticate the user based on the email in the subject in the certificate. The situation is as f...

IPSec Certificates Validation Failure

HiI am attempting to establish a site to site VPN with a partner using ASA5515-X v9.1. We are using IKEv1 to be old school and we are using my organization Microsoft 2012 CA to sign the certs and establish Trust Points on both devices.My device is fa...

paulcooke by Beginner
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Hi All, We have just finished testing a new configuration on an ASA 5510 for Any Connect. During testing we used a self signed certificate but now want to install a full certificate from a CA. The question is what is the best way to remove the old se...

veltech by Beginner
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AnyConnect Client randomly disconnects

Hi Guys, We've been getting a lot of tickets  submitted by users stating while VPN'd, their client just randomly disconnects.  Some would walk away and comeback after 10-20 minutes and it's unresponsive; It'll show connected but can not open any reso...

Resolved! Select Tunnel-Group based on devices's OS

Hi there,having an ASA5512x is it possible to have anyconnect-dial-in-PC-users asking for their login credentials AND also an one-time-passwordwhereas smartphone users only need to provide their login and a password without the need to manually choos...

Resolved! anyconnect ssl vpn and acl

  Hi Everyone,I was testing few things at my home lab. PC---running ssl vpn------------sw------router------------ISP--------------ASA(ssl anyconnect)anyconnect ssl is working fine and i am also able to access internet.I am using full tunneli have acl...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! ikev2---- hostname and xml file

 Hi Everyone, Ikev2 anyconnect is working fine from PC.In PC under c\programs data\profile     xml file has hostname  say anyconnect_ikev2.Under ASDM---anyconnect  profile I changed the hostname to say xyz.com.Then from PC I tried to connect again an...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Small packets on VPN tunnel being dropped

I have two 871 routers connected using a VPN tunnel.  The tunnel is up, however, when I do a standard ping from a windows desktop on one lan to a host on the remote lan about 50% of the packets are dropped.  If I increase the ping packet size to grea...

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