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  Hi All  I have a project to build connectivity from 50 locations to my 2 datacenter. Every location has Internet with Router 877 with sec image.any my DC's has 1900 router. Now i want to which tunnel i have to go with. IPSEC GRE or DMVPN IPSEC .Out...

Hi,I've recently configured VPN with LDAP to our Windows Server 2012. Within the LDAP Attribute Map which is assigned to the server group I have specified attribute name msNPAllowDialin and this works fine, but I was wondering if I can just add anoth...

hello Cisco community,How many concurrent anyconnect users can be connect based on the following information:Cisco ASA 5510 vpn peers: 250  ssl vpn peers:2   license:  security plusanyconnect premium peers:  2anyconnect essentials:  disabledother vpn...

wknaack01 by Level 1
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I had a functioning VPN but noticed an erroneous static route (shouldn't have been there) so I removed it with no route outside 0 0 and then the VPN stopped functioning. The errors Im seeing are: 3Aug 20 201410:48:06     IP =

swarner77 by Level 1
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Hello, Would you please advise the difference between an encrypted tunnel between two cisco routers ( crypto map namex 1 ipsec-isakmp; ....) and a vpn site to site between two cisco firewalls? And which one u would prefer and why :) ! BR,

learnsec by Level 1
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I want to host 2 to 3 servers with applications and access them remotely ( appx 20 clients )I can directly connect them to INTERNET and access remotely. But it's direct.Wanted to connect from remote location via VPN. Basic layout is here - >Client* (...

I know that standard site to site ipsec vpns cannot run routing protocols over them but would like to know why the cannot, e.g what is the physical reason multicast cannot run over them? Is this due to the VPN being strictly peer to peer? This brings...

GRANT3779 by Spotlight
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Hi Experts,We are not able to access any PPTP based VPNs from our internal network. It looks like PPTP requests are getting blocked at the router end. I tried the same VPN settings using my system at home and able to access it. We have a Csico router...

Ejaz Ahmed by Level 1
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Hi, My institute uses Anyconnect client for VPN services. I set my vpn client on my laptop based on the instructions provided by the institute. Even though I can connect to the servers (network drives) through the VPN, not all trafic is handled throu...

emozdemir by Level 1
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