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FQDN work around for DHCP remotes in IOS 12.2 ?

I have a pre-shared key VPN system consisting of a 3725 hub with a public IP and several 2600 remotes, where each remote is behind ISP infrastructure served with non-routable DHCP supplied addresses.  All works well with the static public IP of the h...

Resolved! Problems between Site-2-Site, two ASA

Hello,i have big problems to configure the site to site tunnel between to ASA's (one ist ASA5510 the second one ASA5505)After 8 hours work i dont have any result show cryto nothing say, here my config file i hope any could help mekind regardsAlen

Quickvpn cannot ping on one machine

Hi, my home computer (win 7 x64, Lenovo Thinkpad) all of a sudden won't connect to my church's RV042.  This happened a few days ago out of the blue.  My home router is a rv082.  I know the problem is not a mis-configuration of the router nor my ISP h...

Create an Admin Account for ASA 5510

Hello All,I've been looking all over the place to try and find if it's possible to create more then one admin account on a Cisco ASA 5510. I search google but couldn't find anything. I looked through the CLI using telnet and also on the "Cisco ASDM 7...

Certificate import failed

                   I'm trying to install a new GoDaddy certificate for AnyConnect on a ASA 5505 but getting a general failure that the import of the PKCS 12 failed.  We had one before but it has since expired, so I went through the process of creatin...

kdowellatb by Beginner
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Resolved! IPSEC and Tunnel Protection

Network DiagramConfig of BranchIOS Version(C2801-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.4(15)T7,Physical Interfaceinterface Vlan220ip address ip redirectsno ip unreachablesno ip proxy-arpno ip route-cache cefno ip route-cacheTu...

Consulta VPN

Hola queria hacer una consulta sobre VPN, perdon la ignoracia jeje, se entiende por par VPN a la conexion establecida entre dos Routers por ejemplo, o sea R1 se conecta a R2 a traves de una VPN, esto seria un par VPN?.Consulto porque he visto descrip...

Resolved! ASA to ASA Site to Site VPN

Have an ASA 5510 9.1(2) and ASA 5505 9.1(2)The 5510 is located in the main office and the 5505 is located at a remote facility.  I want to create a tunnel that will allow the main office to access the subnets at the remote facility while allowing the...

backpage1 by Beginner
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Adding vlans to a current site to site vpn

I have a site to site vpn set up from my office to a remote office. I am planning on putting my DR data storage at the remote office. My current private network is a, and my backup network is secluded via a second nic on all my server...

Resolved! Can't ping ASA inside interface over VPN

Hello,I have a scenario with VPN tunel between a router and ASA and can ping the subnet behind ASA from the subnet behind the router (and vice versa) however I cannot ping the ASA inside interface over the VPN tunnel. I will need it for ASDM access f...

Inbound calls on AS5400

Hi, I have a AS5400HPX device with a AS5400 T1 2 PRI DFC card installed and T1 link. I need to check the inbound calls on the T1 PRI link. 1) What commands can help me check verify if the call lands on the router, and what is the source number which ...

nbar and ipsec traffic

Hello gurus!I have a question about nbar because I'm applying protocol-discovery on my internal interface (just internal interface) but when I type show ip nbar protocol-discovery appears (only as a output) that there are IPSEC traffic.Why I see ipse...

adelbano by Beginner
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VPN NAT to Remote site issue

Hey everyone,I am experencing an issue where some of the devices at a remote site have a different default gateway other then the firewall (at the remote site). This prevents pings from the local network to those remote site devices. Does anyone have...

Backup ASA configuration using ASDM

                   Hi,I want to backup ASA confifuration using ASDM: tools>backup configurtaion.will I be able to restore this saved configuration on new ASA and run that new ASA??I just want to confirm before doing it to avoid any loss of configurat...

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