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Can I remotely connect to a PC that is on a VPN?

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With my personnal PC, I used to connect to my WORK PC that was in the workplace building. With my personnal PC, I had to connect to CISCO VPN first, then connect to my work PC.


But we were recently instructed to get the WORK PC from the workplace and install it at home. My work PC is always connected to CISCO VPN in order to work properly.


What I would like to do now, is to use my personnal PC like I used to do to connect to my work PC that is ALSO in my home right now.


Is it possible? Should I also connect my personnal PC to the VPN to remotely connect to my work PC that is ITSELF always on VPN? I'm completely lost


I tried the following: MyCCPay Login

Connected to my vpn on my personnal PC to WORK PC using microsoft remote desktop - did not work Connected to my personnal PC without any VPN to my WORK pc that is on vpn - did not work

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 Technivally possible but usually not permited.

 First it is possible that you fail joining your personal PC to the Corp vpn. But, if you not, then is probably that you fail to connect each other. 

 The VPN have(must have) access list to permit traffic and chances are this traffic need to be permitted. And yet another problem exist with is called Hairpinning which means the traffic coming and leaving on the same firewall interface. This usually is not permitted also. 

So,  if you are allowed to connect both PCS, the easier way would be without VPN. 

If allowed by company policy you should be able to connect personal PC to
VPN then you can connect to office PC. But if not allowed then this will be
likely blocked.

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Saurabh Dhakate
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

If your personal and corporate machines are in same LAN network, I assume you are taking RDP of the corp machine with private LAN IP. If the corp machine is already connected to VPN, it wouldn't allow RDP connection with VPN connected by default. If the behaviour needs to be changed, "Windows VPN Establishment" preference in VPN profile has to change to "Allow Remote Users".  

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