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Cisco 1841 VPN ipsec client

I have a cisco 1841 that i am trying to get configured for access from the public with cisco vpn clients. This router is currently setup with ipsec tunnells to two other routers that work perfectly. I have access to a working 1841that is configured and working for ipsec client access. I believe i copied things pretty closely but i am obviously overlooking something. When i attemped to connect, the client will time out and say the VPN negotiation with the server failed,verify the server address and try agin (this is the built in Cisco Client in MAC). but when i remove the acl 102 in the "crypto isakmp client configuration group remoteteam" the client will connect but I am unable to ping, I verified that i have an IP address assigned to me from the pool that i configured.

I have attached the config for this router.

Any hep would be much appreciated.

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