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Cisco 861 with VoIP over EZVPN, QoS(limited)



I have some 861 routers where I want to send VoIP traffic over an EZVPN and keep all other data traffice over the WAN.  The 861 seems to have a very limited set of QoS features.  I can setup class-maps by presedence, vlan or ip rtp, and can't really 'match protocol sip/rtp'.

What is the best way to configure this on the WAN interface that will prioritize all the tunnel and tunne/voip traffic?  Do I have to apply a policy to the virtual-template and the WAN separately?



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Lei Tian
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi David,

Since the only traffic pass through EZVPN is your voice traffic, you can just match ESP packet and give it priority on your WAN interface.


Lei Tian

Sounds good.  Do you know the best way to match ESP packets on an 861 with limited QoS features?

match options are:

Router(config-cmap)#match ?
  access-group         Access group
  any                  Any packets
  class-map            Class map
  cos                  IEEE 802.1Q/ISL class of service/user priority values
  destination-address  Destination address
  discard-class        Discard behavior identifier
  flow                 Flow based QoS parameters
  fr-de                Match on Frame-relay DE bit
  fr-dlci              Match on fr-dlci
  input-interface      Select an input interface to match
  ip                   IP specific values
  mpls                 Multi Protocol Label Switching specific values
  not                  Negate this match result
  packet               Layer 3 Packet length
  precedence           Match Precedence in IP(v4) and IPv6 packets
  protocol             Protocol
  qos-group            Qos-group
  source-address       Source address
  vlan                 VLANs to match


Router(config-cmap)#match protocol ?
  arp            IP ARP
  bridge         Bridging
  cdp            Cisco Discovery Protocol
  compressedtcp  Compressed TCP (VJ)
  ip             IP
  ipv6           IPV6
  pad            PAD links
  pppoe          PPP over Ethernet
  vofr           voice over Frame Relay packets

class-map EZVPN

match access EZVPN

ip access ex EZVPN

per  ESP any any


Lei Tian

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