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Cisco Anyconnect 25 licenses but only allows 3 active connections

I have 25 AnyConnect Premium Peers showing up under the "Effective Running Licenses" but the most active AnyConnect Clients I can get to work are 3. If I log on the VPN past the 3 connections it will kick off one of the earlier users logged in. I have the maximum VPN sessions set to 25. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?

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show version 
please share the output here


Result of the command: "show version"

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.4(5)
Device Manager Version 7.1(2)102

Compiled on Mon 29-Oct-12 10:13 by builders
System image file is "disk0:/asa845-k8.bin"
Config file at boot was "startup-config"

CENTROID-ASA up 103 days 20 hours

Hardware: ASA5505, 512 MB RAM, CPU Geode 500 MHz
Internal ATA Compact Flash, 128MB
BIOS Flash M50FW016 @ 0xfff00000, 2048KB

Encryption hardware device : Cisco ASA-5505 on-board accelerator (revision 0x0)
Boot microcode : CN1000-MC-BOOT-2.00
SSL/IKE microcode: CNLite-MC-SSLm-PLUS-2.03
IPSec microcode : CNlite-MC-IPSECm-MAIN-2.06
Number of accelerators: 1

0: Int: Internal-Data0/0 : address is 18e7.2861.ac04, irq 11
1: Ext: Ethernet0/0 : address is 18e7.2861.abfc, irq 255
2: Ext: Ethernet0/1 : address is 18e7.2861.abfd, irq 255
3: Ext: Ethernet0/2 : address is 18e7.2861.abfe, irq 255
4: Ext: Ethernet0/3 : address is 18e7.2861.abff, irq 255
5: Ext: Ethernet0/4 : address is 18e7.2861.ac00, irq 255
6: Ext: Ethernet0/5 : address is 18e7.2861.ac01, irq 255
7: Ext: Ethernet0/6 : address is 18e7.2861.ac02, irq 255
8: Ext: Ethernet0/7 : address is 18e7.2861.ac03, irq 255
9: Int: Internal-Data0/1 : address is 0000.0003.0002, irq 255
10: Int: Not used : irq 255
11: Int: Not used : irq 255

Licensed features for this platform:
Maximum Physical Interfaces : 8 perpetual
VLANs : 3 DMZ Restricted
Dual ISPs : Disabled perpetual
VLAN Trunk Ports : 0 perpetual
Inside Hosts : Unlimited perpetual
Failover : Disabled perpetual
VPN-DES : Enabled perpetual
VPN-3DES-AES : Enabled perpetual
AnyConnect Premium Peers : 25 perpetual
AnyConnect Essentials : Disabled perpetual
Other VPN Peers : 10 perpetual
Total VPN Peers : 25 perpetual
Shared License : Disabled perpetual
AnyConnect for Mobile : Enabled perpetual
AnyConnect for Cisco VPN Phone : Enabled perpetual
Advanced Endpoint Assessment : Enabled perpetual
UC Phone Proxy Sessions : 2 perpetual
Total UC Proxy Sessions : 2 perpetual
Botnet Traffic Filter : Disabled perpetual
Intercompany Media Engine : Disabled perpetual

This platform has a Base license.



Do you have either of the following commands configured?


vpn-sessiondb max-anyconnect-premium-or-essentials-limit 3
vpn-sessiondb max-session-limit 3  



This is what I am showing via show run:

vpn-sessiondb max-other-vpn-limit 10
vpn-sessiondb max-anyconnect-premium-or-essentials-limit 25

VIP Expert

Looks for me License not applied correctly.

need more information along with License information


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As cisco suggest, 
enable any connect in outside using ASDM with CLI. 
this issue appear when you enable any connect using only CLI.

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