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cisco anyconnect secure mobility client not working after uninstalling cisco vpn client


I ignore if I am posting it at the correct place, so apologies in advance.


The issue is, I had the old cisco vpn client working ok with an external vpn server. Before updating to windows 10 I have installed cisco anyconnect, configured accordingly and checked that it was working as the usual vpn client.

Then I have uninstalled the old vpn client, and after that the cisco anyconnect is not working anymore. There're no error messages, connection appears to be ok, but there's just no traffic.

I have tried to uninstall and install it again and repair it. No changes. I assume that I have uninstalled something that a new installation is not re-installing. What can I do?



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UPDATE: If I re-install the cisco vpn client, then the connection through ANYCONNECT does work. If then I uninstall it again, the connection through ANYCONNECT does not work.

How is that possible? If I am not using the cisco vpn client, why its installation is relevant for the cisco anyconnect?

UPDATE2: I do have a .pcf file from the old cisco vpn client. I have not used it for the anyconnect (I cannot as far as I know). Still, I don't see a relation that explains why anyconnect works when the old client is installed, and doesn't when it is not.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Fabian Ortega

Hello Gerald.

It does not seem like the issue resides on the PC but on the ASA. Can you share the configuration from the tunnel-group you are trying to connect to and if possible the NAT configuration:


1. show run ip local pool

2. show run tunnel-group

3. show run group-policy

4. show run NAT.



Hi Fabian,

Finally today I have updated to Windows 10 and I am stuck with a non-working cisco VPN client. It says it connects but there is no traffic.

I have no access to the VPN configuration (it is a university) so let me know if there is any way I can obtain this information adn I'll do.

I have followed the instructions here

But without luck so far

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