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Cisco AnyConnect VPN OEM pre-install licensing



Is any one know how to apply Cisco AnyConnect VPN OEM pre-install license? 



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Dan Lukes

Inapropriate in Feedback Forum. Moved to VPN.


Thank you Dan. 

Do you have any idea about AnyConnect VPN OEM pre-install licensing? 

I'm no expert of such matter. If no expert in this community will respond you, you should call Cisco official support.

Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend VIP Community Legend
VIP Community Legend

I'm not sure what you're asking about.

AnyConnect licensing resides on the head end server (usually an ASA but can also be a router).

The client software on the end user computer does not require any separate license per se - only requiring acceptance of terms during the installation process.

Hello Marvin,

By the way, I need to get the Cisco AnyConnect VPN pre-installation source code to build the client image as well. Do you have any idea or Cisco contact information about it ?

Again thanks.  

The AnyConnect installation files are located at this link. Your ID will need to be associated with an active service contract to have download entitlement.

If you install using an enterprise software distribution tool like SCCM or LANdesk, you can build the packages as directed in the AnyConnect Administrator's guide to bypass the requirement for end user interaction with the installation dialog.

Hello Marvin, 

Thank you very much. 

It is very helpful for our devices deployment of Cisco VPN.   


Hello Marvin, 

Thanks for your comment. 

I am not requiring the separate client license. I am asking about OEM pre-installation acceptance agreement from Cisco as you mentioned. 

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