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cisco asa 5505 sec. plus license

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Level 1

hello there, i have an 5505-security plus license ;i have few question;

what does 25 vpn peers exactly mean;

any content security features available in 5505;

what does unlimited users mean in security plus license.

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  1. 25 VPN-Peers: the maximum of VPN-gateways and/or users that you can connect at the same time. So you can have 25 VPN-users connect or have 25 site-to-site VPNs. Or 12 VPN-Users and 13 S2S. But never more then 25 at the same time.
  2. Content-Security: Yes, but not the way you want to have it nowadays. You can configure L7-inspections for some protocols but you can't use anything like on the ASA-NGFW with TLS-decryption, powerful policies on web-reputation and blocking of certain web-categories.
  3. Unlimited users means that you can have as many internal addresses as you want. The smaller licenses only can have 10 or 50 internal Users (which compares to internal IPs that communicate through the ASA in most cases).