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Cisco RV series and Windows 10 VPN client. Anyone EVER get this working?


Has any ever gotten any RV series VPN server to work with Windows 10?

I swear I've tried everything. VPN is usually easy on prosumer routers like these.

I have an RV345p.


L2TP, Client To Site, SSL VPN, nothing works.


I have latest Win10pro and latest RV345 firmware. No matter what I do, it doesn't connect.


If anyone has gotten this to work, please post the steps?

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Hi @undeadindustries ,


Just to discard, check what is indicated in this video:



I saw this but it really doesn't answer the question. This requires licenses. All other VPN options do not and do not need to use a proprietary client.

I just switched to Unifi USG 4 pro w/2 AP-HDs and an 8 port poe. I'm never looking back. Quick to setup and I'm already on L2TP VPN...

have you figured it out yet? im on the same boat

Yup, ditched Cisco RV devices for Unifi USG4pro.


However, I can confirm that the 5508-X and 5516-X (so probably all modern ASAs?) can support the windows client via L2TP/IPSEC.

well after 3 days i got IPsec working with third party vpn client and ssl vpn working ciscos quick vpn client. with the right certificate i think ssl vpn would work with windows' built in client. Now i just need netbios names/broadcasts to work in vpn like the RV says it can do

Hi , I have same issue with RV345, the worth router I've experienced. could you please let me know what was the steps you wend through to work? what kind of license need to work? many thanks

what encryption do you want to use and are you willing to use a third
party client?

Hi dear, thanks for reply. I prefer to use windows-10 built in VPN if that possible but I don’t know how does work. Also any Encryption that works is okay. If non of them possible then I would try third party with low cost which I don’t know which one is. Thanks for advise

ok the only thing windows has with a cisco router is PPTP. just turn
that on, configure users, and set up the windows machine to connect with
it. PPTP isnt secure.

thanks a lot, you mean IPSec, L2TP not working router? in this case which third party do you recommend with reasonable price, easy to install and secure?  appreciated your help and time

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