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Cisco VPN Anyconnect help

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Level 1

We have our works VPN up and running and we're using Cisco anyconnect. We're able to connect and establish a internal IP address, problem is we cannot connect to any of our internal applications. We can however RDP into our workstations and connect to all applications etc. Is there something additional we'll need to do on our firewall? I'm not a 100% pro with cisco stuff and I'm kinda learning as I go. Thankssmiley

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Marvin Rhoads
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Hall of Fame

Check to see whether you have a route to your server network(s) being populated onto your PC when connected via AnyConnect.

To do so, open the AnyConnect status box from the system tray and click on the little gear icon. Then in the status box, look at VPN > Route Details. Verify that a network where you expect to find your servers is showing up and let us know what you find.


Under Route Details it has our internal IP's under Secured Routes. Under the Cisco AnyConnect client connection it's not getting our Default Gateway, its just blank. Not exactly sure if that could be our problem.

Does the ASA attach directly to your desktop network or somewhere else? Is the ASA the default gateway (or the default route for the end stations' gateway(s)?