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Cisco vpn client utility will not translate certain internal dns entries

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We use out ASA fw as vpn appliance for our company. Users throughout the country can use the cisco vpn client utility to connect to our vpn and get access to internal websites using dns.

Recently, quite a few users (15+) are not able to translate internal website names. 

For example, if a user at home (using att, Verizon or Comcast) as their isp, use the cisco vpn utility and try opening as the url, they will be redirected to their ISP dns stating "this website cannot be found".

But others using these same ISPs in other parts of the country are able to vpn in and use dns without any issues. Website work just fine.

When i try to troubleshoot by attempting to use my phone as hotspot, or a different isp to vpn in to our corporate network to test, it works just fine. yet for some it doesnt. 

What i want to know is, is this a local ISP issue or something happening to my FW, a setting maybe.

Please advise. 

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Hello howithink


If you do captures in the client, were are the DNS queries going to?

Doing captures in the ASA, can you see this DNS queries?

Does the issue happen when using Cisco AnyConnect?