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Cisco VPN Client

My user is running Windows XP Home Edition.  He was able to install Cisco VPN client, ver.  However, he was not able to Remote Control to his computer at work.  Do you know if there are any issues with Cisco VPN client running on Windows XP Home Edition?


Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee

Can his VPN access anything else within the corporate network, and only RDP access is failing?

Has he allowed his work PC for RDP access? Any personal firewall enabled on the work PC that might prevent RDP access?

I assume that the group policy for the vpn has been correctly configured to allow access?

Thanks Jennifer for your prompt response.  His access only allows him to RDP to his computer.  I will check to see his personal firewall.  I was able to login as him and RDP to his computer at work on Windows XP Professional.  Do you have any other suggestions?  Thanks.

Don't believe there is anything specific with Windows XP Home Edition that would make the RDP fails on VPN.

If it works through Windows XP Professional, it should work from the Home edition too.

One thing that could be a problem is if NAT-T is not enabled on the head-end, and if he is behind a PAT router in his home network, then he is not able to pass any traffic through the VPN.

He can try bypassing the PAT router and connect to the Internet directly, OR/ make sure that NAT-T is enabled on the headend device.

Thanks Jennifer.  NAT-T is enabled on the head-end device.  How do I check to see if he is behind a PAT router?  Thanks.

The best thing to check would be to get him to connect with the VPN Client, then on the headend, grab the output of:

show cry isa sa

show cry ipsec sa

show vpn-sessiondb detail remote filter name

Thanks very much, Jennifer.  I will give it a try and get back to you tomorrow.  Thanks.

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