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Cisco2811 hanging up PSTN calls

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Hi Guys,

I am having real trouble setting up a Cisco 2811. I am connecting it to an E1 ISDN30 line and using it for remote user pstn dial up.

The users can dial in, be authenticated via EAP and given an IP address no problem. They can work happily on the network for approx 139 seconds before they are booted off. By this I mean the connection simply drops out. The debugs (attached) seem to indicate a fairly normal hang up but I cant figure out why they are doing it.

As I said the router is a Cisco 2811 with 2 * E1 Wics installed and a PVDM2 modem bank.

The IOS is 12.4(13)R.

The E1 line is good, I have checked it out with a spare 3640 I have and it keeps the line up.

I have attached the config also, any advice greatly appreciated,


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paolo bevilacqua
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can you check with "show modem version" that you have modem FW 3.09 available at:

Please rate post if it helps.

Note, independently from the connection drop issue, a cosmetic bug exists as the line:

*Jul 2 15:38:12.391: %CALLRECORD-3-V12_TERSE_CALL_REC: DS0 slot/contr/chan=0/0/0, slot/port=0/325, call_id=C, userid=uedlaw001, ip=, calling=(n/a), called=821009, std=V34, prot=LAPM, comp=V44, init-rx/tx b-rate=26400/24000, finl-rx/tx b-rate=26400/24000, rx/tx chars=0/0, retx=0, retx-per-frame=1, local-retrains=0, remote-retrains=0, local-rate-reneg=0, remote-rate-reneg=0, time=0h 2m 1s, disc(modem)=0 Normal hang-up

reports 0 bytes sent/received while you have verified normal network activity during connection.

Thanks for the responses,

It turns out the "Dialer idle-timeout 0" was needed on the async interface. The dialer in-band command defaults to 120 seconds dropping of the line if it sees no interesting traffic.

This doesnt exlain why the line was being dropped even when traffic was going over it but the addition of the extra line has fixed it for us.



Of course. Thanks for clarifying that.