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Clientless SSL VPN and third party APP

Hi all,


I'm having a bit of an issue getting a third party product to run over the clientless SSL VPN.  The product in question is Thycotic secret server (SPS).  A web based remote desktop access tool that proxies the RDP session over SSH.


We can browse to our ASA over the internet, and successfully enter our 2FA credentials.  The ASA then redirects to the SPS and presents the login page over HTTPS, where we enter credentials and are authenticated.  Within this product we can then browse through that site, and the lists of servers etc fine.


However when we select a server to remote desktop onto the proxied RDP page window opens, but we get no in-window RDP session.  We've tried the two ways this product runs, either via it's inbuilt rdp, or off the local machine.

The attached files show the html code, which is the same for the RDP launcher icon both direct and through web vpn, except for the FQDN(being the asa) and +csco+ code.


Both direct and webvpn give me the working browser presentation, 


clicking on the rdp launches working browser2 when direct but through webvpn gives me the broken browser image.


Note, SPS only works properly through chrome, so this is how this is being tested.


The webvpn setup is using smart tunnel and the SPS server IP, as well as the local plugin files RDPwinbootstrapper.exe, rdpwin.rdpclient.exe, putty.exe, mstsc.exe, rdpwin.exe and rdpwin.watchdog.exe are all defined in the smart tunnel.


Do these files need uploading to the ASA? I'm assuming being left in the pc local installation is fine.



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