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Configuring DMVPN with 2 ASR1006


Hi everyone ...

I need some help, I'm trying to configure and DMVPN architecture with two routers ASR1006 to server a bank remote offices, one ASR in CO building and the other in CA building (CO: Operational Center; CA: Recovery Center).

Each ASR have two LAN connections to internal network and two WAN links to remote office.  Each WAN links belongs to differents provider.

Each remote office has a router with two WAN links connected to that WAN providers.

We are configuring the DMVPN considering two primary tunnels in the CO building and two failover tunnels in CA building.

We made the configuration (schemas and configuration attached) but we only get two tunnels up at a time.  We cannot ping from office router to four tunnels interfaces in both hubs.

We made some test disabling some tunnels and we could get communication only with two tunnels interfaces.

We got communication through tunnels when we have just two.

We want to have the four tunnels for high availability.

We would like to know how to troubleshoot and make a design review because the examples and documentations are very limited.

Thanks in advanced ...

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Finnaly, with the help of TAC we found the cause.

When we configure an ipsec tunnels sharing physical we need to declare ipsec profiles shared or create different ipsec profiles per tunnel.

Thanks ....

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