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Configuring VPN on a PIX515E to work with the Microsoft VPN client

Hello everyone.

I've inherited a Cisco PIX 515E at my job, and I'm afraid that I am not well versed in configuring Cisco hardware.

Long story short: My company traditionally uses the Cisco Systems VPN client to connect to get Remote Access into the company.

However, we're getting new computers, and with them, Windows 7 64-bit.  I've read enough to understand that Cisco doesn't appear to be creating a 64-bit version of their VPN software.

So, I'd like to try my hand at creating a VPN tunnel that will support the native Windows 7 Microsoft VPN client.

Alas, while I've done my best to use ASDM to peek at the settings of the existing VPN setup, and to create similar setting for a new VPN connection (with a few changes, like adding LDAP authentication where we currently have only a Preshared Key) - I can't seem to get a working connection.

Further complicating the issue is that this PIX seems to have lapsed contract support, before I renew support on this unit, I'm considering upgrades (to an ASA) or even replacing Cisco with something a bit simpler to configure (as much as I once aspired to be a Network Engineer, I now realize it just isn't my field).

To that end, I've attached the running config of my PIX and would love any pointers people might care to share.


The PIX is no longer supported and you should consider updating to an ASA firewall. The ASA supports SSLVPN which is the replacement for the traditional IPSec client. The SSLVPN client (called AnyConnect) is supported on Win7 x64. The bad thing is that you have to buy SSLVPN licenses. It comes with 2 free ones and it is licensed on concurrent users.

Hope it helps.

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