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Connecting to server through SSH, disconnects Cisco AnyConnect VPN on the same server

I have a server that hosts several front ends and APIs, and these APIs need AnyConnect VPN to be able to get access to a remote database. For the last 2 weeks though, when I connect to my server by SSH, this AnyConnect VPN is disconnected and needs to be manually reconnected. This disrupts the API's and has been bringing a lot of downtime. Has anyone encountered a similar problem?AnyConnect


I know for a fact that before these last 2 weeks, connecting to the server through SSH was fine and caused no issues with the VPN connection. The only cause I can think of, is that because the connection has been up for months on end, maybe after a reconnect, it did auto updates that changed some settings that created this SSH issue


After going through the release notes of the different versions, I can see a difference from 4.7(what I believe was the version the VPN was using) to 4.9 (the most recent version): "Using VPN CLI without GUI sessions (for example SSH) is not supported." This specific line was not on version 4.7 and lower. Could this be a potential reason?


I searched for more users encountering similar problems with ssh into a server with a VPN connection, I found this , which states: "The idea is that currently when you connect to your public IP address, the return packets are being routed over the VPN. You need to force these packets to be routed over your public interface" Sadly I am unable to try this for now, as the server needs to be up and running at all times, and I am afraid to change with its settings and mess something up since I have no experience with IP configuration. I might try it in the future if I feel more confident or get desperate and give a further update, however I would appreciate if someone would give their input, if they think that potential solution would apply for me.


Whenever I SSH into the server, the acvpnagent shows this on the syslog: "Termination reason code 5: The user is logging off the system. "

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