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DMVPN Hub and Spoke - Spokes with the same peer address

Hello Cisco community,

I have a problem with our hub and spoke infrastructure:

We have a 7200 router (hub) and Cisco 881 (Spoke). The Spokes are installed for our customer that required a remote access for support. We use a DMVPN to connect all the Spokes to our hub.

My problem comes from a customer that want to connect all his Spokes (14 spokes) behind the same public IP address.

So the hub sees 14 entries for the same Peer NBMA Address (as you can see here:)

# Ent  Peer NBMA Addr Peer Tunnel Add State  UpDn Tm Attrb

----- --------------- --------------- ----- -------- -----


14      [HIDED]    UP    6d07h    DN

                    UP    6d07h    DN

                    UP    6d07h    DN

                    UP 17:37:30    DN

                    UP    4d02h    DN

                    UP    3d21h    DN

                    UP    5d20h    DN

                    UP    5d12h    DN

                    UP    5d21h    DN

                    UP    6d07h    DN

                    UP    6d07h    DN

                     UP    6d07h    DN

                     UP    3d22h    DN

                     UP    6d07h    DN

All the Spokes seems to be connected but it's really difficult to access them. The VPN is not stable at all.

Do you know something about that ?

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