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DMVPN stops sending data

Hello all.

I'm using DMVPN tunnels in my network and all goes well, but few weeks ago a got some problem: two my DMVPN tunnels stop receveing any data until they were rebooted. I'm using 881G routers as spokes and 3945e as hub. I had tried google this problem, found the same questions and no answers. I hope i will get some help at Cisco Support Community.

Config of hub (relevant parts):

interface GigabitEthernet0/0.526

description BeelineLokal

encapsulation dot1Q 622

ip address

ip nat outside

no ip virtual-reassembly in max-reassemblies 1024

standby 2 ip

ip tcp adjust-mss 1450

no cdp enable


interface Tunnel2000

description DMVPN for Beeline WAN Kiev

ip address

no ip redirects

ip mtu 1400

ip nhrp authentication *****

ip nhrp map multicast dynamic

ip nhrp network-id ***

ip nhrp holdtime 10

ip nhrp registration no-unique

delay 500

tunnel source

tunnel mode gre multipoint



interface FastEthernet4

ip address

duplex auto

speed auto


interface Tunnel0

description DMVPN for BeeLine WAN Ukraine

bandwidth 1000

ip address 10.1.160.**

no ip redirects

ip mtu 1400

ip nhrp authentication ***

ip nhrp map

ip nhrp map multicast

ip nhrp network-id ***

ip nhrp holdtime 10

ip nhrp nhs

delay 100

tunnel source FastEthernet4

tunnel mode gre multipoint


debug from spoke:

Jun 27 13:56:08.493: NHRP-ATTR:  Requester Ext Len: Total ext_len  with NHRP attribute VPE 56

Jun 27 13:56:08.493: NHRP: Attempting to send packet via DEST

Jun 27 13:56:08.493: NHRP: Encapsulation succeeded.  Sending NHRP Control Packet  NBMA Address:

Jun 27 13:56:08.493: NHRP: Send Registration Request via Tunnel0 vrf 0, packet size: 108

Jun 27 13:56:08.493:  src:, dst:

Jun 27 13:56:08.493:  (F) afn: AF_IP(1), type: IP(800), hop: 255, ver: 1

Jun 27 13:56:08.493:      shtl: 4(NSAP), sstl: 0(NSAP)

Jun 27 13:56:08.493:      pktsz: 108 extoff: 52

Jun 27 13:56:08.493:  (M) flags: "unique nat ", reqid: 69798

Jun 27 13:56:08.493:      src NBMA:

Jun 27 13:56:08.493:      src protocol:, dst protocol:

Jun 27 13:56:08.493:  (C-1) code: no error(0)

Jun 27 13:56:08.493:        prefix: 32, mtu: 17916, hd_time: 10

Jun 27 13:56:08.493:        addr_len: 0(NSAP), subaddr_len: 0(NSAP), proto_len: 0, pref: 0

Jun 27 13:56:08.493: NHRP: 132 bytes out Tunnel0

Jun 27 13:56:08.493: NHRP: Resetting retransmit due to hold-timer for

Before Cisco i'm using MS RRAS at my branch and all was fine.

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