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Dual ISP, dual non-HA ASA redundancy issue

Hi All,

I'm working on internet tunnel redundancy using seperate ASA's.  Each ASA is connected to a seperate ISP.  The ISP's are not peering as I ddont have a /24 block.  The architecture is a headend site with an active/standby HA pair of ASA's connected to a remote site with two non-HA ASA's.  The first challenge was making the internet failover.  Now that I've accomplished that, I'm trying to get the IPSec tunnel to failover from one ASA to the other.

The remote site core router defaults subnets destined for the headend site to the internet.  No statics or dynamic routes needed.  When the primary ISP fails, all internet and tunnel bound traffioc follows the new default route to the second ASA/ISP.  The tunnel does not establish.  I see an MM_WAIT)MSG3 status for phase1 and no phase2 messages in my logs.  My crypto maps are identical.

I read that to accomplish this type of failover for tunnels was to setup the headend site using dynamic crypto maps and the remote end as static crypto maps.  I could not find any cisco doc on this and I'm not sure if 1) this is true, and 2) if it is true, what type of static crypto map for the remote ASA's, bidirectional, originate only or answer only.

So my primary question is, how do I configure the ASA's to fail over from one ISP to the other at the remote site, and what is the supported way to configure the headend endpoint as well?

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