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dynamic dns with a pc behind the asa?? for IPSC vpn

can anyone suggest how can i configure such a scenario.and hows the stability?? can anyone comment

i will rate all the posts.




What do you want to do exactly?

i want to configure ipsec vpn so that my branch people 1 or 2 users max. can connect to H.O


OK - a few questions to clarify:-

1) Do you require a site-to-site VPN

2) DO you require a Remote Client VPN

3) Do you have a static Internet IP address

4) What does DDNS have to do with this

i need remote client vpn.i'll explain my scenario. i have one 4mbps ADSL connection at H.O, that is the only available internet connection. so i dont have a static public ip address.

now my question is how can i configure an asa 5510 for ipsec vpn using dyndns.


OK - so the easiest way I know is to have a PC on the inside, connecting to a DDNS provider updating with the source IP address of the outside ASA IP, when you don't have a static IP.

So you need a DDNS account and a domain name for the DDNS ( or Once you have that - you just need to configure the Remote VPN to use the domain name - nice and simple.


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