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Google Email/Drive on Webvpn



We have a Cisco asa 5525X running asa943-12-smp-k8.bin. We have setup a web vpn and all is working fine.

However when we view GMAIL or try to run chat/drive, the browser either locks or is extremely slow.

Switching to basic HTML for gmail works fine, so i am guessing that standard HTML is causing a problem.

I have looked and can see others with this issue as much as 6 years ago.

It has been tried on Windows 7/10 and MAC OS on Chrome/Firefox/IE and Safari. All have the smae problem.

All other sites seem to be ok.

Has anyone got any tips on this?


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Rahul Govindan

Traditional Webvpn rewrites the page and sends it back to the user. So if there are custom scripts etc running on the page, it may not always work as expected. One thing you can try is go to the latest ASA release to see if this fixed. Another option for situations like this is Smart tunnels. Smart tunnels still send traffic through the VPN tunnel but they are proxied rather than re-written. So the page content should be pretty much similar to original one.

An explanation of smart tunnels is here:

An example:

Thanks for the reply rahul,

We are running the latest IOS for the 5525X, so we cant upgrade from what i can see. I had tried the smart tunnels but it doesnt seem to work either. The page loads but i just cant click on any email. Google drive also just hangs on login. It can get the the page just wont display

Is there anything else you could recommend? I am looking at having to use basic HMTL?


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