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GRE tunnels up/up but not pingable


Hello all,

Iam having an issue where the GRE tunnels are up/up but are not pingable. The GRE tunnels are on a cisco 1811 and cisco 2811 routers  The tunnel source and destination IP addresses are private  addresses. These private addresses are pingable to each other and they are connected via IPSEC. The IPSEC tunnels are generated from the ASA to which the cisco routers connect. Probably the tunnels are up/up because keepalives are not configured. But I am still not able to see why I cnt ping the end points. The ACL for IPSEC in ASA includes the "permit gre host <Private IP 1> hist <Private IP 2>" commands.

Let me know if further info is needed.




Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Did you try to ping by sourcing the ping from the tunnel interface towards the remote tunnel interface ip?

What are you using as tunnel source? Are you using tunnel interface or internal ethernet interface IP?

If you are using tunnel interface IP then its possible you have a routing problem.

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