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Help with VPN site-to-site under other VPN

Hello Guys,


I need a help with this scenario.


Branch --> HQ --> Site Remote, where:

Branch: Internal =

HQ: Internal =

Site Remote =


Branch + HQ = Both ASA with ESP-3DES-MD5. (Here, we are using the real LAN IP range for encryption domain)

HQ + Site Remote = My side ASA with ESP-AES-256-SHA. (Here, to reach the Site remote we are NAT our LAN IP range to, so the encryption domain is -->


Now, we need that Branch reachs the Remote Site, under the VPN with Branch to HQ and HQ to Remote Site.

My actions:

Branch Firewall:

 - In the VPN Site to Site configuration I added the for Tunnel between Branch and HQ in the Remote Network.

 - I added the EXEMPT for in the inside.

HQ Firewall:

 - In the VPN Site to Site configuration I added the for Tunnel between Branch and HQ in the Remote Network.

 - I created a Dynamic Policy in the outside from source = Branch IP range to = Site Remote IP range translated to


I already have it working for another Site Remote, but that another has IPsec proposal ESP-3DES-MD5. (the same of Branch) I do not know if it is the problem, but I tried to use both proposal, together, 3DES-MD5 and AES-256-SHA.


Firewall rules are ok too.


Where are the mistake in that configuration?





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put solved in this post

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post your config


Follow attached!

The network that I need to reach from Branch is "name REDE_Client"

The Tunnel group of the Client is

The NAT IP from my network to reach client is

hi seg

I looked very quick HQ config

and I saw that your peer(vpn_client) dont match any crypto map.

and this dont allow phase2.

I have not seen anything else
you double-check the config on both sides first.


My bad. I forgot to change it. The crypto map is number 4

diego, your config is wrong also in branch config.

you have only an tunnel group whit ip but crypto map is blind to FWL_Matriz.


In the HQ log I can see it...

3May 13 201417:23:08713061    Group =, IP = 189..7.7.7, Rejecting IPSec tunnel: no matching crypto map entry for remote proxy local proxy on interface outside

What do you want me to say 
 you have posted a different conf,than your debug

yeah, probably because I changed it before send...

well... I recreated the tunnels and now it is working fine....

I think when we changed the outside IP and recreate the tunnels, maybe some dirty kept in the config... so I removed all and created it again..




put solved in this post

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