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Hi Experts,

Can any one help me in finding a network monitoring tool through which i

can check the source and destination ports(tcp or udp),ip address,packets

permited and denyed from asa5510 or any firewall.specially i want to monitor

packets routing which are deny and which are permited from firewall.

any help would be appreciated.

Thankx alot in advance.


i saw the captures as y ucan see the the firewall is forwarding all ip proto 50 packets for this vpn outside

i would suggest when this stops working you collect the captures again and verify on firewall if you see ip proto 50 packets betwen the vpn peers

the traffic is just some esp packets for this asa src and dst of actual packets do not matter, so when the issue happens see if you can ping the other end vpn gateway, if you are able to do that then there is no prob with asa you will probably have to conatct the sonicwall or checkpoint support

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when sms stops can u post the traces of asa we can easily find out the problem from this?

Sorry for the delay

                          At remote side icmp is disable on checkpoint so we cant ping and i collected the

            traces when  working stops.pls find attached file .

           inside the network their is no  vpn traffic but outside their is traffic.

          I think the ASA is blocking the protocol 50 thats why vpn traffic not coming

            inside the network.

  Kindly check and reply .

when sms stops can u post the traces of asa we can easily find out the problem from this?

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