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How to check when a specific L2L peer tunnel was last up?

Adam Runcie
Level 1
Level 1

Hey all,

So I'm trying to do some auditing on our ASA.  I inherited this duty from someone who is no longer with the company (and left before I joined on).  Apparently the company I work for now has been running without an "ASA expert" for some time.  My own knowledge of ASA is limited, but I know more than anybody else on the team so it kind of got dumped on me to figure this all out.  Anyway, I've noticed we have a few VPN tunnels configured that I've never actually seen as "up".  I've asked around on them, but nobody seems to know *for sure* if they're still used or not, but I've been told that they "think" one of them is used for nightly data transfers to a 3rd party.

My question is - is there a way to lookup when a *specific* L2L tunnel was last "up"?  I know there is a total VPN tunnel counter but thats not helping much as we have other tunnels incrementing that counter.

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JP Miranda Z
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Adam Runcie,

The only way will be using SNMP to monitor the state of the VPN tunnel:

If you are trying to get a time without that config unfortunately is not possible since all the information of the tunnel is cleared after some time of inactivity. If you have a syslog server with debugging traps you may be able to find that info there too.

Hope this info helps!!

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