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How to connect my stack to my wireless access router(with hard connection ports)

Ok, here is the story. I have my cisco stack of routers and switches in my living room and my fiancee is getting on my case to move it. I can not go downstairs since she keeps the temp in the house at 58 degrees upstairs so I want a way to connect my stack to the access router network so I can access my stack from anywhere in the house. I have a 3640 with a 32 port async module in it for my access server to connect to the other devices. The devices are a 2 3550 24 port switches, a 48 port 3750 with poe, a 24 port 3560, and a 2950g 24 port switch. For the routers I have the 3640 for the access server, a 3745, 3725, 3825, 2620xm and 2 1841 ISR Routers. I believe I need to connect it to the hard ethernet port with another ethernet port on one of the routers but which one and whether it has to be a router or if a switch port would work if it was trunking. I would appreciate any documentation or actual help if possible asap so I can not get yelled at when I am training. 

Thanks everyone,