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IPSec Tunnel Random Packet Drops

dear all,

i am facing problem with IPSEC tuneel the traffic between interest( private ip ) is dropping due to this dropping my remote desktop and data transfer is not able to success  while from remote pc to internet there is no drops but from HO to branch huge drops 


2nd once i connect remote router through lan ip ( my session suddenly disappear with in few second  while through public ip 91.x.x.x there is no issue 

Mohammed al Baqari
VIP Advisor

check the cpu and memory of both devices. Also, it can be the internet
routing between the sites.

dear ,


i checked every thing there is no cpu utilization and the traffic between internet and branch is fine i make split tunnel 

dear ,


i resolve the issue thanks 


the problem was with PFS on my head office asa we enable pfs while branch side there is no PFS so i enable on branch its working now 

Just to add for other what is PFS.


"In the first quick mode packet, the initiator sends the identity information, IPSec SA proposal, Nonce payload, and the optional Key Exchange (KE) payload in case Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) is used

Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) is a cryptographic technique where the newly generated keys are unrelated to any previously generated key. With PFS enabled, the security Cisco ASA generates a new set of keys which is used during the IPSec Phase 2 negotiations. Without PFS, the Cisco ASA uses Phase 1 keys during the Phase 2 negotiations. The Cisco ASA uses Diffie-Hellman group 1, 2, 5, and 7 for PFS to generate the keys. Diffie-Hellman group 1 uses 768-bits modulus size to generate the keys, while group 2 uses 1024-bits and group 5 uses a 1536 bits modulus size. Group 7, where the elliptical curve field size is 163 bits, is designed for the faster computation of keys usually used by the handheld PCs. Group 5 is the most secure technique but requires more processing overhead. The syntax to configure PFS is

crypto map map-name seq-num set pfs {group1 | group2 | group5 | group7}

it is Optional Command"



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dear i know this is for hopping key but once i put the pfs on my branch i found my connection reliable i dont know how ??? 

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