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Issue accessing Cisco LMS & NCS Prime via SSL VPN Portal

I have set up a Cisco 5520  Clientless SSL VPN  and defined bookmarks to multiple web based hosts, two of them being the Cisco LMS 4.2 implementation and the Cisco NCS Prime 1.1.

On accessing all but these hosts via the portal bookmarks, I have success but on attempting connection to LMS or NCS, I get what appears to be an initial attempt to display the opening screen where one would log into the application,   but then the screen up date halts not displaying the opening screen nor the screen where you put in your credentials to log in.

Both LMS 4.2 and NCS Prime have identical opening screens when they are accessed via a web browser. I can access the applications locally, I can access the applications via an IPSEC client based VPN, but I fail to access via the SSL VPN, either via the book mark or via manually typing in the URL.

Prior to migrating to NCS Prime, I was using Cisco WCS which worked fine.

Would appreciate any feedback from teh forum if people are having like issues and if they have resolved such issue.

Kindest Regards