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Stephen Carter

Issue with Cisco 881, locks up when duel vpn tunnels created.

I currently have a network in an office that is as follows :-

Laptop (no vpn client) -   


                                      -- Cisco 881 (runs ezvpn connection)  --   Cisco 1800 - Internet  -   Termination peers - Remote Network

                                   /        to peers .1 and .2                                                                   / 2 

Laptop (with vpn client)

Peers .1 and .2

So the laptop with no vpn client, gets an ip address via dhcp from the 881, and can then ping the remote network, it connects thru the peer .1 as this is first in the ezvpn config.

A laptop with a cisco vpn client then connects to the 881, gets an ip address from the 881, and then can run the client and make a connection to the peer ip address of .1, upon doing so the 881 locks up (seen by the stopping of a cont. ping to the remote network).

The only way to resolve the issue is by resetting the exterior interface from the 881 to the 1800.

BUT when the vpn client is set to connect to the .2 peer, it connects with no issues.

The thought is that the vpn client has the peer of .1 and the ezvpn config has .1 as it first peer so 'sees' the request and thus sends the second vpn request (from the laptop) down the ezvpn tunnel to the peer and this causes the lock up of the device.

Getting there now, the question is how can I configure the 881 so that it doesn't send the vpn client connection down the already created ezvpn link ?

If anyone can point me to the relevant documentation that i'd been very grateful.


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