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Mac Adress of the Modem in ASA 5505?



I have to change an adsl modem (bridge) connected to the ASA  5505.
With the new modem, i can access to internet, but no access to  the VPN.
Is it possible that the mac adress of the previous modem is  set in the configuration of the ASA 5505?
Can I check this? And how  to change this ?

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Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

If you can access the Internet, then it's not the mac address of the modem in the ASA.

When you change the modem, is the outside interface ip address of the ASA changed to?

Can you ping the ASA outside interface where you terminate the VPN?

If you run "debug crypto isa" and "debug crypto ipsec", where is the VPN failing?

I assume that you are trying to connect via IPSec VPN Client? Can you share the ASA config?

My ISP provide me the public ip adress, it is a static IP adress, i've to check if the ISP keep the ip static !

I don't know if the static IP adress is given by ISP , with the mac adress or user/password information.

I'm going monday, to check this, on my customer LAN. We'll keep in touch , thanks for your help

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