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MX64 - VPN Disconnects with error 809


Our company uses a Meraki MX64 (FW MX 17.10.1) to VPN into a set of MS Windows 2019 Servers (2 DC, 1 DB and 1 App server accessed via remote desktop).

I am experiencing frequent 809 disconnects, which are most prevalent when I am running, what I will call, "heavy processing". Specifically we have a client server application which needs to be updated weekly (tax software). This update generally fails when updating the local client from the server, yet I can be on all day accessing other content (word, excel, PDFs) stored on our DB server.

When the update fails, I generally have a problem connecting again for a few minutes (619 I think)

I have hours into searching for solutions and recently implemented this registry patch.
It seems to have improved, but not resolved the issue.

This issue has plagued us most of the year, though seemed to go away after our IT contractor updated the Meraki firmware early fall. The issue has now returned. (He was vague on what he found and did). I have some other users who also have the issue, but less frequently. Most of them run directly on the Application server over Remote Desktop, however I have some processing I need to do locally.  Tax season is approaching and I wish to resolve this issue.

I realize there are multiple places this could be failing and looking for some practical ways to trouble shoot this. Ideally these should not require me to get another degree. Unclear of what to look for in either the Meraki or PC logs.

FWIW, at home I am connected via Ethernet to a Unifi network, RCN is my ISP, Verizon FIOS on a dedicated IP in the office.

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