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network lost when using CheckPoint-VPN

Hi there,

this is the very first time for me to request help regarding my Linksys WRVS4400N (Firmware Version: V1.1.13-ETSI ) router.

I'm working for a company where they use CheckPoint VPN to remotly access the business network. So far so good I can connect to my employers network without any problems.

But whenever I connect I loos the network connection on all my other local devices. A ping to the router is getting rejected (by CheckPoint VPN).

I already raised this with our companies support contact but they don't want to help me as they think the problem is related to the router and not to the setup on my laptop. It might be or not - fact is it is not really cool to always reset the router afterwards.

I've tried to find out something in the routers logs but so far I didn't see anything.

Do you know of any other such cases?

Is there way to get around or fix this?

BTW: I'm also not able to access the router's webinterface when i'm connected with the business laptop.

Thanks and regards,