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PIX Issue - Tunnel Up, But Can't Ping Local Clients

Hi all,

We are changing from a real old T1 line to a new fiber backbone for our network and are trying to change the external IP address on our PIX for the new network. We currently have a site-to-site tunnel set up on the PIX that connects to our parent company, that no longer works when we change the IP address on our end and the parent company changes their configuration on their end. These are both PIX 515E's.

The tunnel comes up, but you are unable to ping any of their local IP addresses anymore, and they are unable to ping ours. On our end, it looked like we were receiving and transmitting, but they said on their end they weren't receiving anything.

I made two changes to our PIX, the Ethernet0 interface IP address, and the Outside Static Route Gateway IP address. For the record, I used the ASDM GUI to make both changes. I'm not sure what they changed on their end, but is there anything else I need to change on my end that I missed?

They applied the changes on their end, but didn't want to save to flash as they were afraid to restore the configuration if it still didn't work, so neither PIX was rebooted until we reverted back to the settings they were at. Does the PIX need to be rebooted after making these changes for them to work?

I found this: Is this what they need to do on their end to make the switch over, or is this not the same as a site-to-site tunnel?

Thank you!

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