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Port Forward through VPN to Remote LAN



I am hoping someone can help me or point me to the right direction. I have a Cisco PIX 506E that I have a fairly large external subnet on. I have a VPN 3000 series VPN Concentrator on the local and remote networks. I am needing to forward multiple ports of external IPs on the Pix 506e to a server on the remote LAN. Does anyone have an idea on how this can be accomplished?


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Rising star

Based on your info, the PIX506E is sitting between your internal network and internet.

On PIX, you need to do address mapping of your internal server on remote LAN. But before that, what's the connectivity looks like from your HQ to your remote servers? Any NAT/address translation in between? Or since you mentioned about VPN3K, and LAN-to-LAN/site-to-site VPN involved?

If no, then do:

1. Static mapping of your remote server private IP to Public IP. This is to enable internet users to access/reach the server through your PIX506E:

static (inside,outside) xx.xx.xx.10 netmask

*xx.xx.xx.10 is your Public IP is your remote server IP

2. Open/add access-list to your PIX's Outside interface to enable traffic via whatever TCP/UDP port to reach the server:

access-list outside permit tcp any host xx.xx.xx.10 eq www

access-list outside permit tcp any host xx.xx.xx.10 eq https

access-list outside permit tcp any host xx.xx.xx.10 eq sql

access-group outside in interface outside --> bind ACL to outside interface

PIX 6.3 Guide:

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