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remote VPN error remote vpn client to insde ressource : on interface outside to no matching session

Fabienne Coez
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Level 1

ASA 5505 has to handle remote VPN connections on a network where an another gateway manages with lan network (dhcp, internet access ..)

ASA 5505

inside if:

outside if: , get internet access via a the gateway

Gateway lan:

Gateway vlan for asa:

VPN nomade pool:

The gateway routes the trafic for VPN pool to ASA trough inside if

when a VPN nomade is connected to ASA: it can ping the gateway in but can't ping other internal ressource as

it's strange: the first ping is accepted then the other are blocked

we got this error message: on interface outside to no matching session

What is going wrong ?

Thanks for yout help



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The privacy is normally important for every work but it’s more efficient for accessing internet. The router is a common tool that is used to share the internet for several devices. The users should give more preference to router settings because today hackers highly keen to hack internet and other private details. The hack free solution is only possible by stronger router password settings. Nowadays many number of manufacturers highly keen to manufacturing routers but users have to know about default gateway address and it’s using methods. The private ip address is an outstanding option to access routers without any hacking. The ip address other private ip addresses are used to altering these router settings.

Level 1
Level 1

That is an incorrect assumption.

I have my old juniper router configured with the same internal IP address as the gateway, if i replace the ASA with the juniper, i have zero issues.

it is not just a printer problem, this happens client o client as well..