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Send log messages through emails from ASA, using group name instead of IP address?

I want to send emails when a firewalls with vpn detects that a VPN is down. I have this message in the cisco asa buffer:

4|Nov 21 2016 12:04:32|113019: Group =, Username =, IP = plm-sdu-gsni-1-internet, Session disconnected. Session Type: LAN-to-LAN, Duration: 0h:07m:43s, Bytes xmt: 25740, Bytes rcv: 25740, Reason: Lost Service

I also receive this message as an email:

<163>Nov 21 2016 12:04:32 plm-cagw-gsni-10 : %ASA-3-713123: Group =, IP =, IKE lost contact with remote peer, deleting connection (keepalive type: DPD)

But I would like to receive the message using the name , not the IP address. How can I do that?

This is part of my configuration:

name plm-sdu-gsni-1-internet

logging enable
logging timestamp
logging list lista01 level informational class vpn
logging list lista01 message 713259
logging buffer-size 128000
logging console warnings
logging monitor warnings
logging buffered warnings
logging trap lista01
logging history warnings
logging asdm debugging
logging mail lista01
logging from-address
logging recipient-address level errors
logging recipient-address level errors
logging device-id hostname
logging host sbb ir-syslog
logging class auth buffered debugging
logging class webvpn buffered debugging
logging class svc buffered debugging
logging class ssl buffered debugging
logging message 111009 level errors

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