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site to site between ASA 5510 (8.4(2)) w/ static IP and Dlink DIR130 w/ dynamic IP.


I'm trying to set up a site to site VPN link between the ASA5510 that we use exclusively as a VPN endpoint on campus and a D-Link DIR130 VPN Router off campus, at a local business with a dynamically assigned IP.  We currently use the ASA for remote access users who use the Cisco VPN client on mobile devices, as well as for a single site to site link to our telecom provider for the purposes of monitoring telecom equipment remotely.

We are looking for a way to cheaply deploy secure VPN connections to local businesses to allow them to use point of sale devices which connect back to systems on campus, so students can use their meal cards at local restaurants, similarly to how they use them at the on-campus cafeteria.

I have experience configuring Cisco switches, APs and routers, but this ASA device absolutely baffles me.  I've futzed around with the ASDM 6.4 gui config and tried to match up configurations between the DIR130 and the ASA, but I can never get a VPN connection to come up.  Anyone who can point me to an example, or provide me with help on this would be appreciated.  I've google searched and found very little that, with my limited experience in ASA configuration, I can apply to my scenario.

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Yup, absolutely correct commands.

Thanks. Didn't mean to doubt you!

Its up and waiting again.  I'll let it sit to ensure it stays up this time.  Would the ping I set up have to be continuous, or would a ping every 30 minutes be sufficient to keep the connection alive?