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Upgrade the VPN client from 4.0.4.b to

Are there documents out there to do an auto upgrade and what are the pitfalls for my users? If they log in and a new version is out there, will it download it and install it for them? If so, then can I give them the option to upgrade or not?

Another question is, how do I determine if I would install the .exe or the .msi file? We are ready to eliminate support for Windows 95/98 devices so now is there a preference? And can I brand this one as I have my older versions? I actually did another WinZip extract and made it a executable file with our .pcf files and oem.ini inside. Thank you all for providing us with great instruction and insight. It has been a help.

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Refer to the following url for instruction to enable client update if you use VPN3K.

Based on the doc, it will push and install update client version with '.exe' extension.




This is a great document. Thank you. Is there a particular way to brand the product and make sure that when they do the initial install that our .pcf is installed on their system or any updates to the .pcf file is included with it?

Thank you.


What I do to include the .pcf file in installations is to extract the original client zip file into a folder, copy in the pcf file, and create a new .zip archive. Then when setup is run from that directory it automatically imports the .pcf. Hope that helps.


I can't seem to get this to work. I have followed the document and setup a download form our internal webserver. Clients connect, but don't get an update notification.

Setup as follows:

Enabled client updates under Configuration | System | Client Update | Enable Screen. Applied and saved on VPNc.

Added an entry under Configuration | System | Client Update | Entries Screen with the following details:

Client type: WinNT (only have Xp clients in use)

URL: http://servername/VPN Client/vpnclient-win-msi-

Revisions: 4.8

Hit apply and save again. Made sure that this entry is associated to the group I'm using for testing.

Checked all files are available from the webserver once VPN connection is established. Files on webserver are extracted from update zip file from CCO. Followed instructions for adding a to include the .pcf file.

Not sure if I have missed something or not. We have some older 4.7 clients currently in use and trying to autoupdate them to

Anyone suggest what else I need to do/try?? Many thanks


Keith, do you do a batch file to do all of this? I would like for all authenticated users to have access to this application. I used WinZip self-extractor for 4.0.4.b. Do you recommend the install shield or Microsoft Installer. I see good and bads in each one.