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VPN Clients can't access DMZ Network


I will try to describe my problem as best as possible. The title says VPN clients cannot access DMZ network, but that is not exactly the problem, the situation is this, a group of users are using an actual 10.x network where they have their servers and pretty much everything. The users must be relocated into a new network, the 172.16.x.  In a point in time they will not have to use 10.x anymore, but meanwhile, they need access to that network.

I have an ASA 5510 as default gateway for the new network (172.16.x.x), one interface e0/0 connected to the outside (internet), interface e0/1 to the inside and other interface connected to the actual 10.x (which I call DMZ), so basically I am using the ASA as a bridge using NAT to grant access to the users in the network 172.16.x to the resources in the 10.x network while the migration is completed.

All the users must use the path to the internet thru the ASA using the NAT overload to the outside interface and I put in place a NAT policy to 10.x to allow access to the 10.x network only when the internal users 172.16.x try to reach that path and so far, everything is working just fine for the internal users.

Now for some reason, when I do VPN, the VPN clients cannot reach the 10.x network, even when they are supposed to be in the internal network (because they are doing VPN right?) .

I have enabled split tunneling with NAT exempt the 172.16 network and I am not sure if that is causing the problem, because when I trace from my PC the address using the VPN I get the proper route path, but when I try to reach 10.x, my PC is using its default gateway and not the VPN gateway which has a route to 10.x.

I’m not even sure if what I am trying to do is possible, I want VPN users to be able to access a 10.x network using NAT overload with the Interface of the ASA plugged to the 10.x network, just like the internal users are doing right now.

Any help or advice will be highly appreciated.


Allow clients to access DMZ, add exempt NAT rule, add both the "same-security-traffic" thru cli. Please give it a try.

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