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vpn-filter and interfac acl restriction


So site A has on inside and site B has on it's inside

We have ipsec L2L tunnel. We want filtering so that only ssh traffic goes over vpn (bidirectional)

on inside int of site A we have

acl_inside_site_A permit tcp eq 22

Crypto acl on site A is permit ip to

Assume that site B has permit ip any any on all of it's interfaces and is not using vpn-filters. Crypto acl on B is a simple permit ip from .2 to .1

Both ASAs have sysopt permit-vpn enabled

Now to restrict siteB to be able to connect to port 22 only of site A, do we need vpn-filter or  already existing

acl_inside_site_A permit tcp eq 22 would take care of that?

I believe

acl_inside_site_A permit tcp eq 22

would take care of filtering traffic inititated from A but to restrict vpn traffic only to ssh when it's initiated from site B, we will need the filter as

on site A, vpn-filter permit tcp eq 22

Am I correct or we don't need vpn-filter?


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At this point it is up to you.

You could either use the filter or the access-group.

The benefit of using the access-group on the inside interface is that the traffic does not even flow across the tunnel, so you save bandwidth resources.

Keep me posted.


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I think I wasn't clear with my question

What about traffic initiated by the other side though?

Non-ssh traffic from side B would come through ove rthe vpn and hit the box on side A. When side A replies, would that traffic go through because of stateful nature irrespective of

acl_inside_site_A line 1 permit tcp eq 22

acl_inside_site_A line 2  deny tcp 

If you are not going to add the ACL's on both sides then the VPN filter is the best option.

I am not concerned about the best option.

I wish to know if it would actually work the way I stated

It should work with the ACL as well, since you are only allowing SSH.

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