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VPN not routing traffic

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Have a Cisco 3005 Concentrator and some users are not able to route traffic due to the gateway not being the same as the VPN interface.  The issue occurred after one of the groups was deleted from the 3005 device.  Users are able to connect but cannot reach the remote network.  When looking at "route print" the gateway shows a different IP address other than the Interface IP of the VPN virtual device.  Is there a way to force a change or clear out routes? Example;

  Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface  Metric
     20    100    100    100         On-link    306         On-link    306         On-link    306         On-link    296         On-link    276         On-link    276         On-link    276    100         On-link    100         On-link    276         On-link    276    276         On-link    276         On-link    276    276    100    100    100    100    100

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Accepted Solutions

There are some group settings for NAT-T, so it makes sense that some clients had the problem but others didn't.  Good to know that another cause of a VPN client routing problem could be related to the absence of NAT-T.  I rated your answer.

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Level 4

This URL provides information on how to modify static routes on the concentrator.

This URL provides information on how to remove dynamically learned routes.


Looked at the routing on the concentrator but the issue resides on the client.  The routes on the concentrator are correct.  The

client is not sending traffic out of the interface due to the incorrect gateway, from what I can tell.  I'm looking

for a way to correct the gateway on the client side.

I'm thinking that the group you deleted was the group these clients were in, and now they are using the base group?

Are they using split tunneling?

Split tunneling is enabled and yes the users were in the group that was deleted.  The profile on the client side has bee

n deleted and recreated and other groups have been tried with the same results.  On another system using the same g

roup the VPN connects and the gateway for the remote access shows the VPN interface IP address and

users are able to access the remote network.  If the gateway for the remote network shows anything other than the VPN interface the

n routing does not work.  I've tried deleting routes and re-adding with no luck.

Can you check the order of the Windows adapters?  We've run into some issues when the VPN adapter is not listed first.  HTH

VPN adapter is listed first.  I can ping the VPN adapter IP but nothing beyond.  Tracert to anything on the remote network timesout on the first hop.

try configuring reverse route in concentrator and check the logs then paste here

My best guess is that this problem is related to the split tunnel ACL.  

You can also assign dynamic filters by group or user.  Please check to see whether this is the case.

Please also make sure the IP subnet of central site that you connect to does not cover the IP range subnet of local gateway (for ex: Main off IP, local gateway

It may be with the change to the default group that the address pool for the VPN client has changed.  Please verify that routing to the remote client's network is available within your central site.

Do not think it is a Split Tunnel issue as the majority of the users have no issues.  At this time 3 users have a routing issue that I am aware of, two of which were connected when the group was deleted and one was not connected when the group was deleted.  Have re-installed the Cisco client on two of the three users and the routing issue still appears.

Are you able to verify the remote clients' address pools?  If the deleted group was assigned its own address pool then these clients will get new addresses.  If they overlap with the concentrator's address it could cause some access problems.


Address pool has been verified for the users and all users use the same pool.  Tested using a different group and address pool with same result, connects but cannot route traffic.

Are all of your clients running Vista or is there possibly a difference between the Vista and non-Vista clients' results?

Have users with XP, Vista and 7 that are having this issue.  Have disabled local firewalls with same results.

The concentrator will save a backup configuration file every time you save the configuration.  Do you possibly have the backup file that could be used to determine the settings for the deleted group?

My other question is, I haven't worked with Vista before, but does the output of the route print indicate that this PC has dual NICs?