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VPN problems w/Ameritech DSL

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Using VPN Client 3.5 on some XP (Pro & Home) and 2000 Pro PC's and the users have Ameritech's home DSL service which uses a PPPOE connection. It apparently creates some sort of virtual adapter and the VPN client appears to be unable to bind properly to it. The users can establish a VPN tunnel, pick up an IP address from the pool, and the IP address for our internal DNS and WINS but can not reach any resources on the LAN nor can they even ping IP addresses on the LAN. I connect via dial-up ISP with no problem and have a few users on cable who have no problem. Ameritech is of no help since they're residential long as they can get to the Internet, Ameritech could care less. Anyone else run across this? And yes, Client for MS Networks is running as well as file & printer sharing.

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Could you establish the Ipsec tunnel?

Do you know if Ameritech is doing NAT or PAT somewhere in the network?. If yes use the option NAT transparency.

Yes, they can establish the Ipsec tunnel with no problem. Ameritech doesn't appear to be using NAT or PAT. The focal point of the problem seems to be with the PPPoE product that Ameritech packages with their it a DUN type setup with logon but for DSL rather than dial-up. At this point we've opened a ticket with Cisco and have had some off/on success with getting one particular user (senior VP...he's been on us constantly) properly connected via XP's native PPPoE. We're going to try out a 3rd party solution (RASPPPoE) that comes highly recommended from some other folks who've run into the same problem.

Avoid Ameritech like the Plague

The 3 Stooges of Telecom.

We dropped them for this very reason.

We could never get it to work.

Avoid PPPoE period I say.

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RASPPPOE Version 0.96

The way we got around the PPPOE issue was to use a LinkSys router/gateway between the PC and them modem. The LinkSys did the PPPOE login for us and we did not need to run the EnterNet 300 software.