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VPN Tunnel Using Certificates Not Finding Certificates in trustpoint


This is my First time posting here so sorry if may be unclear in any way.


I am trying to setup a test a test VPN configuration using certificates. The CA that was used to obtain the certificates was not a Cisco CA but a custom CA. When the routers try to establish IKE I am unable to get passed the certificate validation portion. I have a trustpoint Test Intermediate CA which also contains the device x509. I also have a trustpoint for the Root CA; however, the debugs show that the  peer is asking for these certs but they cannot be found.


Rob Ingram
VIP Expert VIP Expert
VIP Expert


Have you authenticated and enrolled the certificate on the router?

Can you provide the output of "show crypto pki certificates"



Yes I did authenticate via EST which enrolled the device and gave me the Intermediate certificate as well as the x509 device certificate. I am not able to do a show crypto pki certificates command right now because I'm not currently able to use the router at my current location. However I did provide the trustpoints showing that the certificates are there (i cut the certificate data to shorten things).


Root CA

crypto pki certificate chain test-root-ca

 certificate ca 01

  3082037D…<long cert data>


Intermediate CA + x509 cert

crypto pki certificate chain tp-rsa2048-est

 certificate 0832

  308204A3…<long cert data>


 certificate ca 0591

  308204B8…<long cert data>


I looked again at the certificates on the router and I guess the device cert was no longer in the trustpoint so i re-issued the certificate via EST and received a knew device certificate.


I then tried to setup the connection again, but I am getting cannot build certificate chain.




CertificateChain state (I) MM_KEY_EXCH (peer
Jul 6 01:05:39.808: ISAKMP: (1477):PKI->IKE Got self CertificateChain state (I) MM_KEY_EXCH (peer
Jul 6 01:05:39.809: ISAKMP-ERROR: (1477):Unable to get router cert or routerdoes not have a cert: needed to find DN!
Jul 6 01:05:39.809: ISAKMP: (1477):SA is doing
Jul 6 01:05:39.809: ISAKMP: (1477):RSA signature authentication using id type ID_IPV4_ADDR
Jul 6 01:05:39.809: ISAKMP: (1477):ID payload
next-payload : 6
type : 1
Jul 6 01:05:39.809: ISAKMP: (1477): address :
Jul 6 01:05:39.809: ISAKMP: (1477): protocol : 17
port : 500
length : 12
Jul 6 01:05:39.809: ISAKMP: (1477):Total payload length: 12
Jul 6 01:05:39.809: ISAKMP: (1477):IKE->PKI Get CertificateChain to be sent to peer state (I) MM_KEY_EXCH (peer
Jul 6 01:05:39.809: ISAKMP: (1477):PKI->IKE Got CertificateChain to be sent to peer state (I) MM_KEY_EXCH (peer
Jul 6 01:05:39.809: ISAKMP-ERROR: (1477):unable to build cert chain
Jul 6 01:05:39.810: ISAKMP-ERROR: (1477):(1477): FSM action returned error: 2

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