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Win-Client L2TP/IPSEC-VPN through NAT -> IOS-Router

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I'm trying to configure the following for quite some time now but i cannot get it running.

What i'm trying to do is

- having a W2K / W-XP-Client in a local network with private IP (RFC1918)

- having a DSL-router for the connection to the internet

- having a 1761 as VPN endpoint at the office

If i configure the W2K to connect directly to internet (via PPPoE dial-up connection) and building a L2TP/IPSec-Tunnel 'ontop' everything works fine and i can connect to every machine located at the office.

What i'm not able to is to get this running with a router (Netgear RP114 in this case) in between - means the PPPoE connect to internet is handled on the router. As far as i understood it up to know the issue goes to NAT-T. Is there some sample solution for this (if it's possible at all)?

The router is configured to forward (for the ease of use) every packet from outside to the W2K-machine inside. So 500/udp and 4500/udp should come through...

I'm trying to avoid the use of the Cisco-VPN-Client if possible - managemt wants to be as 'microsoft native' as possible...

BR and TIA


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Only difference could be the DSL router performing PAT/NAT, as opposed to you connecting your PC directly to ISP(getting routable IP on it), and reason being L2TP over IPSec doesn't work with PAT device in between.

Options you have:

1 - Cisco VPN3000 client - use IPSec /UDP to connect to router (router would rquire 12.2.13T+ IOS)

2- You can use PPTP if your router supports PPTP-Passthru, which I think it doesn't .



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