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Windows 10 Preview - SSL VPN Client

I know the official answer will be it's not supported... but here's the issue.


Installed Cisco AnyConnect client  v3.1.05182 on Windows 10 Preview. It installs just fine and the service is started. However, when attempting to connect we receive the error "Failed to initialize connection subsystem." And in the system logs we get..

Function: ConnectMgr::doConnectIfcConnect

File: .\ConnectMgr.cpp

Line: 1937

Invoked Function: ConnectMgr::getConnectIfc

Return Code: -29622267 (0xFE3C0005)



Any help with ideas/known resolutions would be great. We're suppose to evaluate this release for testing by Friday. I know quick.... :( 

Found an additional error....

Function: CTransportWinHttp::clearSSLCache

File: .\CTransportWinHttp.cpp

Line: 1784

Invoked Function: SslEmptyCache

Return Code: 13 (0x0000000D)


The error code above comes out to be MSG_E_CANNOT_GET_KEY_PROVIDER 



Function: CTransportWinHttp::InitTransport

File: .\CTransportWinHttp.cpp

Line: 284

Invoked Function: CTransportWinHttp::clearSSLCache

Return Code: -30015447 (0xFE360029)




Are we talking about the Cisco VPN Client or the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client at this point? These are two very different things.

If you want to run the Cisco VPN Client, that has been unsupported for quite some time and you're highly unlikely to get it working on Windows 10 without a lot of hacking and jumping through hoops. If you really need to connect to old-fashioned Cisco VPN Client (EzVPN) hosts, I recommend using the free Shrew Soft VPN client. Works like a charm and even imports profiles from the old Cisco VPN Client software.

If you need to run the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client on Windows 10, this is now supported as of version 3.1.10010. See the following for details:

Hi Jody, 

I've tried to install the Shrew Soft VPN client, but did not work either. I am able to establish the VPN, however I cannot navigate through it even I can't surfer on Internet. About Cisco AnyConnect, there is any client that I can run on desktop available on Cisco download page?


Thanks in advance!

Yes. You can download the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 3.1.10010 as a stand-alone EXE or MSI installer from the Cisco download pages. Just be sure you're connecting to an AnyConnect-enabled router or firewall. It can't be used to connect to a router or firewall if it has only been configured to support the Cisco VPN Client.

Hi Jody, 


I just found standalone for Linux, not for windows, for any reason is it the same?

It's there. Look for:

Full installation package - Window / Standalone installer (ISO). Includes installation packages for DART, NAM, Core/VPN, Phone Home, Hostscan, ISE Posture, and WebSecurity components.   

NCP is a bit pricey but the IPsec client works on all recent windows versions.  I am also able to use it without issue on android mobile devices.


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